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Hosted by William Boeva

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COME celebrate With us

To celebrate the Xbox Release of Rover Wars: Battle for mars we would like to invite you to join our livestream on February 12th. The stream will be hosted by no one less than comedian and gamer William Boeva.

During the stream a lot of familiar faces of the Belgian streaming community will face off in a competition. The winner will receive a more than epic Rover Wars Goodie Bag.


Participating is easy, simply hit the button below to enter the competition. Once we received your info we will reserve you a place in the tournament.

During the event each contester will be assigned a faction in the game. The winner will receive the price. Players don't have to do anything except support their faction.
The Rovers will do all the hard labor for you.

If you are a bit shy and don't want to be in the picture you are very welcome to support your favorite streamer in our chat with interactive viewer features.